Full in House Service

HMT can provide a full in house service from, design, tooling, prototype, production and assembly.

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Further Information

Simply call 01440 704520 or complete the online form to arrange a visit to our machine shop to speak to one of our experts.

Here's Why Assembly of Components at HMT is an Option

As well as producing component kits for assembly our skilled staff can assemble items on site. With years of experience in the industry we are experts at handling plastic components of any shape, size or level of durability.

Assembly Advice

At the design and prototype stage we can advice you on the best method of assembly, the appropriate materials to use and the most cost effective method of production to ensure the components deliver the results you want, in the time you want.

Clean Room Facility

Our clean room is a closed environment used for the moulding, production and assembly of specialist components. With the clean rooms re-circulating air and filters any dirt and dust particles are removed, ensuring a ‘clean’ environment for the assembly of your products. Our clean room is maintained and monitored by our specialist clean room technicians.

Assembly Service

When your components have been produced, we can ensure they are put together with minimum spoilage. When complete we carefully pack finished items and have them delivered to your door. If your premises do not have the capacity to store finished items we are able to offer some storage facility on site.

We can accommodate the specific needs of all our customers, providing a complete project management service from design to assembly and delivery.