Boots Store Sunglass Display Stand

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At HMT we have designed and produced products for small start up companies and the better know high street names. You may have seen much of our work from small component parts to completed products. One of our more commonly seen jobs is the Boots sunglasses stands.

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Here’s How HMT Produced Boots Sunglasses Stand

We were pleased when we were approached to do the tooling and plastic injection moulding for Boots in store sunglasses stands.

As a shopper little thought goes into display stands, which are often designed for purpose having to be made and finished to a very high standard. Depending on the product to be displayed it can be technically challenging.

The manner in which products are displayed has a big impact on the sale of the products. To the shopper this needs to be subtle, and have a subconscious affect. Both Boots and us at HMT Know how getting this right can have a positive impact on sales.

Boots supplied their requirements from functionality, size, spacing and colour. As experts in our field we were able to offer our input into the correct materials, considering, strength, finish and maximising production requirements.

Producing a high quality tool will have an obvious affect on the quality of the finished product and smooth running of the production process. The Boots sunglass stand is a large and complicated tool, which included a hot runner system. A hot runner system is an assembly of heated components used in plastic injection moulds. A hot runner system includes a heated manifold and a number of heated nozzles. The main task of the manifold is to distribute the plastic entering the mould to the various nozzles which then meter it precisely into the injection points in the cavities. Hot runner systems can allow savings to be made by reducing plastic waste and by reducing the cycle time and rejects.

The need for intricate cavity detail and complicated shut outs required the use of spark erosion. Spark erosion also known as EDM (electrical discharge machining) spark erosion is a machining method that is excellent for hard metals that cant be machined easily, or for small and intricate shapes or most commonly where a sharp corner is required. Spark erosion can cut cavities in fully hardened metals without the need for heat treatment afterwards.

With the production of this display stand there is some need for accurate CNC milling. Our tool making facility uses the latest CNC high speed milling machines. This advanced machinery enables us to produce micron-accurate press, injection, blow or die-casting tools, giving quality parts and better repeatability.

The flat panels of the sunglasses stand incoparate ahingewhich is hot wire folded into a u-shape when completed. The final assembly involved the panels being mounted into steel frames to form the main display for sunglasses in Boots.

The chances are you will have seen our work but because it was so well made and functional, your focus would have been on the sunglasses being displayed and not on the stand. What that means for HMT is a job well done.