Heron Stopper

The predator....

If you have a domestic pond full of beautiful and expensive fish you will understand the problem of the dreaded predator,’the heron’ and the need for the production of a heron stopper. Here’s how HMT helped an inventor get his idea into production.

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Here’s How HMT Turned an Invention into Reality

The Heron is a gifted fisherman and they are attracted to the bold and beautiful colours of the fish. Their need to fish is a natural occurrence and hard to protect against. Herons can be a major problem to the pond owner and the safety of his fish.

HMT were approached by an enthusiastic inventor who had given lots of time and thought to the problem of Herons feeding on the fish in our domestic ponds. He wanted HMT to help him with production of his Heron Stopper. We accepted the job to make the tool and manufacture his product.

The design required a complicated tool with intricate work required. The inventors design was imported in CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) format and rendered for cutting using our latest CAD 3D software.

We were able to offer our professional input and made some basic design to ensure a smooth finish. In this case we also advised on the best materials. The customer required a strong plastic which would withstand a wide range of temperatures but which would be easy to handle and cost effective to produce.

Using our flow analysis software, which allows us to check the correct pressure is being maintained inside the mould. We established the optimum mould pressure and hot runner position to maintain product strength and durability.

We then produced the first run of 2000 injection moulded Heron Stopper as per the inventors requirements.

So if it is big business or just an idea, at HMT we are happy to use our expertise, knowledge and experience to provide you with the very best tooling and injection mould service to meet all your needs.