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HMT are one of the countries leading producers for the plastic components used in bicycle lights, car light clusters and the reflectors used to house the LED’s on motorway and railway signs.

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Here’s How Producing Optical Devices, Reflects the High Quality of our Work.

LED (Light emitting Diode) are a low powered, very efficient light sauce that gives off much less heat than traditional light sources. Theses benefits mean LED lights are now found on many devices and HMT are key producers of the plastic components in bicycle lights, car clusters, motorway and railway signs ect. 

In LED lights the parabola collects all the stray light from the led. All this light is collected and then internally reflected towards the front of the devise. The exit lens / optics bend the required amount off light to the correct veiwing angles. The LED is bonded to the high impact plastic devise which minimises light loss. the unit as a whole is very robust and protects the LED.

In production terms this requires great accuracy and precession. In these cases tolerance of less than 0.012mm are required to ensure that the parts fit together correctly and reflect light properly.

For the manufacture of LED devices accuracy is doubly important as not only must the units fit together to form the sign but the LED itself must fit snugly behind the reflector. Any distortion in the parabola, LED positioin and exit optics will loose candelas of light. Understanding the right material for the job, whilst being able to keep the production cost to a minimum are important considerations in this type of job.

We are able to produce and test several prototypes (in our in house bolsters) before the ultimate design is approved then tested to ensure the perfect results.

At HMT we are able to provide a full in-house service and being involved in the entire process from design to tool making and finally production ensures a smooth, time efficient and well managed project ensuring our customers get the desired results.