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Our High Tech Engineers

HMT is a U.K. based, high tech Toolmaking and Plastic Injection Moulding company. Our skilled engineers / Technicians offer over 150 years of experience. With our modern state of the art Toolroom and Injection Mould  Shop, this enables us to manufacture almost any plastic or steel product, with a guaranteed fast, uninterupted turnaround that competes world wide.

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Simply call 01440 704520 or complete the online form to arrange a visit to our machine shop to speak to one of our experts.

Why go abroad for tooling and moulding when the quality is higher in the UK.

Why would you have your tools made abroad when you can have them made faster, better and for less cost here in the UK? With HMT you’ll get fast turnaround response, free realistic and practical design advice and design within budget solutions with all tooling and manufacture performed under one roof. Here’s why we stand out from the crowd and beat imports on price and quality…

Advanced 3D computer modelling software

We have the in-house skills to design complex 3D models of the product and the required mould tool for your product.

Experience in design

We freely give practical advice, taking you through the options available to achieve your required product within budget. With years of experience in the field, we are able offer practical advice for new and unusual designs to ensure that the mould tool created is a practical, functional end product.

State of the art machinery

At HMT, we use advanced CNC Machinery with sophisticated software control to create moulding tools which meet your design requirements and we will do it faster than our competitors can.

In-House Engineering Skills

We combine the best technologies available with engineers who have the experience and skill to make the most of them.

All in One Solution

Having design, tooling and moulding all under one roof will ensures fast turnaround together with a high quality end product. With a thorough understanding and knowledge of the machinery capabilities and process best practices, we can ensure the mould tool is made precisely to the design and will work perfectly with the injection moulding machinery on the shop floor.

Choice of Manufacture

Here at HMT we are able to manufacture almost any plastic product, either here, in house or though our partners. We offer an end-to-end service for injection moulded, blow moulded and diecast products. With the in-house experience at HMT, you can be confident your end product will be manufactured to the highest standards. We can work with hot runners for multiple, small or intricate parts and perform flow analysis to ensure maximum yield and durability from the manufacturing process.

Flexibility in unit volumes

We are very flexible in the manufacture of unit volumes you require. If storage is an issue, we are able to store the product, temporarily, to suit your distribution requirements. When considering an engineering partner to fulfil your design you need practical, down to earth advice and experience, otherwise you may end up with an expensive mould tool that could make manufacture difficult or even reduce the strength and durability of the end product. With HMT you can be sure that we will deliver the most practical design to meet your requirements and your budget.