Quality Control

Quality Control is a Serious Business

At HMT we take quality control seriously and are continually developing systems to ensure our service and your product are designed and produced to meet or exceed your requirements.

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Why Quality Control Ensures You Receive a First Class Service and HMT Maintains it’s Reputation of Excellence.

HMT sets the very highest of standards to guarantee out customers receive the very highest of quality. Providing stringent quality control is important to us so we can ensure you receive a service that is second to none and we maintain our reputation of excellence.

Our reputation has been built on quality, earnt through maintaining high standards of customer service, close attention to detail and accuracy.

We operate a full quality control system for the full lifecycle of every project.  Therefore we can guarantee our customers that we have a world quality management system in place.

Our quality control systems ensure:

Only the highest quality of raw materials is used. All materials are quality checked prior to entering the production process. The materials used at HMT are checked and tracked throughout the process so that any defect can be traced at once.

All tool designs must be approved by the client with a 2D GA (general assembly) before any work begins in the workshop.

Out technicians are highly trained and skilled in using our state of the art equipment. Our experience craftsmen are able to eliminate technical problems in many cases before they have arisen.

In production we have the equipment to ensure high tolerances and quality levels are maintained. Full flow analysis monitoring tracks the performance of the tool and machine, as well as materials alerting us at once if it starts to degenerate.

In assembly, our staff have many years of experience assembling delicate or intricate components and strict protocols ensure all parts are put together with care and skill.

Before leaving the building all components are tested and checked to ensure that they pass our rigorous quality standards. We have a vision dynascope optical measuring machine capable of measuring up to 0.001mm, various microscopes, full measuring instrumentation and touch probe facilities to ensure HMT maintains the levels of accuracy for which we are renowned.

As part of the design process items will have been checked for strength and tolerance and suitable packaging procured -where required-to minimise spoilage in transit.

Maintaining such high quality control standards means out customers get a first class service and HMT continuous to expand while many other UK moulding companies are closing or moving their operations abroad.