CAD Drawing Design

Accurate design

Before we start to make a tool or a product an accurate design needs to be produced. Most of our customers require us to design the product as well as the tool. But if you have designs of your own our system can import over 40 types of CAD file.

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How CAD (Computer Animated Design) software enables greater accuracy, greater precision and a smoother finish to your individual design in less time...

On average, very few if any items a year are produced straight from customer design files, without any subsequent modifications by us. If you’re doing your own product design and development HMT can help with draft angles split lines etc FREE of charge. Most of our customers know that with over 150 years’ experience in the industry, our engineers are adept at making small design improvements which can lead to big savings in time and efficiency later on. Therefore, most customers come to us with an idea or a part finished design which they would like us to help them develop.

As the design takes shape, we are able to provide realistic graphic images along with animations from the CAD data which you can use for Marketing purposes or to show to VCs and backers. This invaluable service enables you start the marketing process along side or even prior to manufacture.

Our state of the art CAD 3D design software automatically writes the code for our cutting machines to tight tolerances – often less than 0.012mm – which allows us to make intricate or complicated tools relatively easily.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • We are able to rigorously test and verify designs before your tool is made.
  • We can set up the machining process with greater accuracy.
  • We are able to write complicated machining programmes as shorter code saving time in the cutting process – even though the machine will be cutting with far greater precision.
  • We can also stipulate a far smoother finish which saves up to 75% on polishing and finishing time.
  • We can cut more of the tool in our CNC mills and machining centre than ever before, reducing the amount of spark erosion required and saving on production time.
  • Our CAD software is compatible with our CAM systems offers the advantage of increased programming accuracy.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, customer-orientated approach, practical no-nonsense advice and a design savvy. With many years experience in the business we can anticipate many problems and pitfalls so you can avoid them. We are here with some of the most experienced designers and some of the best CAD and CAM software available to help you turn your ideas into reality.