Old tool, new design

Weather it is a completely new design of an old tool or a new network or an old design, our state of the art CAD software means we can accept.

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Here’s How HMT’s Redesign Service Could Change Your Fortune

Our designers can update older tool designs to maximise on production efficiency or component strength as new processes are introduced. This can save you production time, reduce the amount of raw materials required, increase the strength or durability of your product and therefore, help you save on your production costs.

With years of industry experience we are expert problem-solvers and can “tweak” your design to make certain you have the most practical and efficient manufacturing tool for your product.

Our state of the art machinery means we can provide an unrivalled finishing service and an end product which is micron-accurate.

So if you want to:

  • Resolve an old problem
  • Speed up production
  • Reduce production down time
  • Improve your product quality or function
  • Improve on poor or outdated tool design

Contact HMT and we will put your redesign requirements into action so you get the benefits you need.