Material Flow Analysis

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At HMT we are able to conduct flow analysis monitoring before any work on Tool design is started. This enables us to choose the correct gate positions and material flow paths at the beginning of your project. All this helps us maintain very high standards all the way through from start to finish.

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Here's How Flow Analysis Enables HMT to Maintain Such High Standards

In production, flow analysis allows us to check the correct pressure is being maintained inside the mould.We also use it to identify when a mould is beginning to deteriorate at a much earlier stage. This ensures there is less waste and a greater accuracy in production.

With today’s 3D nature of the injection moulding process, we are able to offer flow analysis that can take into account profiling as part of the analysis. This can be very important with complicated parts. Carrying out flow analysis gives protection against shrinkage and warpage, enhancing your product.

Flow analysis can reduce time to market and the cost of new product development by reducing the number of design-development alterations.

Close monitoring of our processes and procedures guarantees you a superior service.