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With over 150 years of experience in injection plastic moulding, the expertise and facilities to take on difficult jobs, which many other suppliers cannot or will not do. HMT can anticipate many potential problems and pitfall, ensuring you can avoid them.

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Here’s why HMT can Proudly Claim Minimal Downtime during Plastic Injection Moulding Production…


Haverhill Mould and Tooling (HMT) provide injection moulding and tool making for a wide range of Industries. These include Automotive, Optical, Medical, Packaging, Retail, POP.

We are able to use a wide range of Thermo and Thermo setting plastics such as, Polycarbonate, ABS, PC/ABS, Styrene, San, Nylon, PBT, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, HDPE, LDPE, Acrylic, TPE, TPR, HIPS and POM.

With Plastic Injection and Tool Making facilities on one, site we are able to make Tooling repairs or modifications to tools quickly and accurately, getting production up and running with minimal downtime. Tools can be single impression or multi cavitie with simple or shaped split lines. Seven of our twelve strong workforce are fully skilled Toolmakers, we can therefore offer a superior service. As well as the latest Design 3d software we have over £1 million worth of machinery under 4years old. This combination allows us to work accurately and faster than our competitors. On average the entire process, from your first visit to completion of the mould and manufacture of the item will take just 4 weeks, or less. (Simple components can be turned around in as little as 2 days) Injection Moulding Our mould shop is fully ISO 9001 approved and run by our dedicated production technicians. Full traceability and checking of the process guarantees your plastic component will be manufactured to the highest standard. HMT can manufacture plastic injected moulded items from 0.1 gram to 3.5kg in weight on moulding machines with a capacity ranging from 20 to 440 tonnes. Where appropriate we can also use hot runner systems, which allow us to fine tune the production process, maintaining high levels of accuracy therefore minimizing distortion and gate size, which significantly reduces waste and rejects.   Mould flow analysis Feedback on mould flow and differences in injection pressure throughout the moulding stages, can all be monitored by our plastic injection moulding machines. This allows us to ensure plastic flow inside the mould stays repetitive and consistent, meaning we are able to track the moulding performance of the tool. We can immediately detect if it is starting to degenerate. Using our plastic injection process and equipment we can guarantee the perfect job. Tool Trials Both new and existing Tools can be trailed and tested, using our on site Tool room and Mould shop Technicians expertise to resolve any problems or difficulties. Production Runs We are flexible on the size of production runs we do. These can range from a single moulding to runs of many millions. Should you require it, we can provide storage if you don’t have room to store finished items yourself. Design Our design process utilizes the latest cad cam 3d software, allowing us to rigorously test and verify designs before we even start to make the tool. This avoids problems and prevents downtime during production, ensuring deadlines are met. We can also provide 3D images of what the finished plastic products will look like, this can be used for marketing or evaluation purposes. Prototypes When you have approved the design we can make a prototype tool if required. A prototype can be made from pre toughened steel or aluminum, allowing us to produce sample components before we manufacture the final production steel tool. If part design allows it, parts can be machined direct from plastic blocks or modeling plaster. This can be of great benefit when parts for evaluation are needed quickly.