Small optical devise

Acrylic Optical Devise

 18 imp Fully hardened Hot Runner Tool

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 Small optical LED Lens for Motorway Sign.

    HMTooling helped develop the optical design for this small acrylic lens. The output values and distribution was extremely important needing to be accurate in relation viewing angles and light output.    

     The part was developed using prototype inserts before we supplied a fully hardened 18 impression Tool. A specialised Hot Runner keeping the part pitch down to 18mm was used. This enabled the tool size to be kept to a minimum allowing for a smaller press to be used for moulding.

   Because of the part shape the Tool was constructed using sliding cores for the LED pocket and front optical face. This then allowed for the LED position to be modified if needed. The accurate parabolas and front optics are polished to a mirror finish to allow maximum light output.