Trailer Light Lenes

Six impression hardened tooling

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High Volume Acrylic Lens

HMTooling supplied two six impression fully hardened Mould Tools to produce Trailer light lenses.

 The Tools incorporated Ewikon fully balanced heated hot runner systems. The system uses internally heated elements eliminating any chance of manifold leakages.
 All inserts made from Stavax ESR are hardened to 50rc. The core inserts containing the special optics were spark eroded using four separate graphite electrodes to a finish of 12VDI. These electrodes were machined using diameter 1mm ball nosed cutters on a high speed milling machine.
  Each lens has over 500 different optic faces all set at different angles to each other. Material used is a tough grade Acrylic with a melt flow of 3. The two lenses are fitted together by means of a dovetail arrangement which is then ultrasonically welded together.