Side Panel

Polypropylene side panel

Two impression low volume production Tool.

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Talc Filled P.P side mouldings

HMTooling supplied tooling and mouldings for a laboratory tank side.

  The volume is small (500 pairs per year) so the tooling was constructed from tooling grade aluminium. The cavities and cores being machined direct into the bolster plates. Special threaded inserts (3 off) are over moulded directly into the side cheeks. The Tool produced a LH and RH at the same time. Gating was by means of a sub gate onto an ejector pin so that there was no gate scar visible on the front face.
   The mouldings are made from 20% Talc filled polypropylene with a master batch colour added to achieve an exact colour match. The Talc filler gives the part much more stiffer properties than standard polypropylene.