Single Imp Housing

Tool Repair and Production

Tooling with internal unscrewing mechanisms built into sliding cores.

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Glass Nilled Nylon Housing

HMTooling was asked by one of its customers to collect a mothballed Tool from storage and validate its condition. The Tool had not been used for approximately five years and was kept in an outside barn.

The Tool was completely stripped down and completely cleaned. Parts were replaced were necessary and the Tool rebuilt. The Tool consisted of four main sliding cores for the cavity. Three off these had rotating cores for the internal threads. These cores were in the horizontal plane and were rotated automatically by a series of gears, splines and a rack powered by a large hydraulic cylinder. Most of these parts were damaged or corroded beyond repair so were replaced. Once sampled and parts passed inspection HMTooling moulded a large batch to cover several years demand.
Material used was 30% Glass Filled Nylon which was dried for four hours before moulding. The Tool was heated to 8o deg Celsius to aid filling and surface finish.