Chair Back

Large P.P. Moulding

Single impression moulding with hydraulic cores

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Large Chair Back Moulding

Hmtooling produced a single impression mould Tool from P20 Tool steel which runs in our 440 tn Sandretto. The cavities were cut direct into P20 steel plates to reduce the overall tool size. Material used is polypropylene coloured using masterbatch. The part is fed direct then the sprue is trimmed from the moulding. To produce the deep pockets which take the wooden chair frame, cores on hydraulic cylinders are used. These cores are operated by the moulding machine and are sequenced with the moulding cycle to move in and out at the correct times. The outer surface of the tool was acid etched (Martexed) to produce the customer’s desired finish. This was one of three Tools manufactured by HMTooling in less than 6 weeks from start to finish.