Rear car Light

RV8 Rear Lenes

Rover built limited edition MG RV8.

Over-moulded Acrylic Lenes

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Special addition rear light lens


HMTooling was involved not only in producing the Tooling for a special edition rear light but also in the aesthetics and design. Keeping to tight lead times we made several models of different finished styles. Once the style was agreed HMTooling developed then produced the required tooling in P20.
 The back body of the light incorporated the bulb holder mechanism and parabolas for collecting the light. The moulding was made using high impact ABS. This was then chrome plated to give the parabolic and outer faces a reflective surface.
 The outer lens is made from thee separate parts held / moulded together by the clear middle section. The red and amber lenes are moulded first in the same tool using a rotating sprue bush. These are then hand loaded into a second tool that moulds the clear lens joining the other two parts using a dove tail joint for strength. This part is fed using a single hot tip.
 The lens is moulded from a tough grade of acrylic which has excellent impact and scratch resistance. The lens is fitted to the body by hot forming the ends of pegs on the lens to the rear side of the body.