Prototype Tooling

HMTs prototype programme

Test your prototype quickly without breaking your budget. Our prototype programme is ideal for development projects, rapid prototype, pre production, low volume, speed and cost.

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Here’s How HMTs Prototype Programme Could be the Solution for You!

We offer a full prototyping service and use the latest technologies to manufacture prototypes. HMT’s rapid prototype tooling service is a low cost, low volume and fast alternative to a full tool making option. It will allow you to test your product design in as little as 1 day. We are able to provide 3D images along with animations from our CAD data which can be used for marketing purposes.

Prototyping enables cheap and quick modification to the tooling if needed. Quality, low volume proto-tooling can produce 1 part or a few 1000 in a vast array of different materials. Aluminum is used for small quantities of medium to large components and P20 for intricate or higher volume parts.

We can use universal bolsters which will take steel or aluminum inserts for a rapid turn around. This bolster system allows us to be a lot more flexible but also helps us to keep costs down for our customers - especially for low volume work. That means we can design you a tool and run off a low volume pressing of prototype items for as little as £200.

If you have a tooling project were you require tooling costs to be kept to a minimum, minimal parts production, delivery is critical, expert experienced toolmakers, integrated in house tool trialing, production, inspection and project management the HMT are the toolmaking and plastic injection mould company for you!