Guaranteed Workmanship

Here’ How HMT’s Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

With 150 years of experience in Mould and Tooling HMT can guarantee you a first class service.

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Here’ How HMT’s Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

At HMT we continually invest in our staff, equipment and software allowing us to offer the most technically advanced service managed by our highly trained technicians.

Over the years we have established policies and protocols which allow us to provide stringent quality control enabling HMT to maintain excellent standards of advice, product quality and service.

We are able to take on complicated projects or components that must be produced to high tolerances which our competitors are unable to accept.

HMT has gained a reputation for excellence; this is due to our policy of ensuring high standards in the following ways:

Our investment in equipment: We have over £1 million worth of equipment with the latest spec and ability. At HMT we use some of the most advanced CAD design and 3D rendering software in the world. Having the ability to use techniques such as hot runners, flow analysis and our expert advice offers you the very highest quality, in the most efficient time with minimal wastage, which also makes HMT a very financially appealing option.

Staff investment: We ensure all our staff are highly trained within their specialist area, ensuring their skills are kept up to date along with the technological advancements in our machinery. Our experienced staff is one of the reasons we can meet your quality requirements and scheduling as all our equipment is managed by specialist technicians who can predict problems and resolve them in many cases before they have arisen.

We apply stringent quality control: We have a strict quality control system which is applied to al our products at every stage of manufacture and the materials we use. We are fully compliant with ISO 9001.

We believe this combination allows Haverhill Mould and Tooling (HMT) to maintain excellent standard of advice, product quality and service. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.