Micro Moulding

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We pass the test other toolmakers failed at.

HMT was involved in a project for a new mobile phone camera. The customer had major quality problems with a tiny component they first sourced in China before asking for our help in the manufacturing of the part.

The previous toolmakers failed to produce continous quality parts, therefore letting down the supply chain. HMT was producing the small, intricate, overmoulded housing, when approached to see if we could solve the manufacturing problems with this part.

The tiny component had to be accurate within 0.01mm. the tight tolerance was important because of the 4 legs which were 0.5 x 0.04mm wide and had to fit inside our plastic housing and move freely without touching the surrounding walls.

Within four weeks we had made the tool and supplied over 10,000 parts to America, therefore getting the project back on track.