Rapid Project Turnaround

Rapid Turnaround is Achievable

HMT is a one stop tooling and moulding shop. With technical expertise covering every stage of the process we can turn around many jobs in under half the time they would take if you sent the work abroad. Why use separate design house, toolmaker and Production Company when our all under one roof service means HMT takes full responsibility for your project from start through to finished product. This ensures the buck stops with us guaranteeing you will receive the very highest service.

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Simply call 01440 704520 or complete the online form to arrange a visit to our machine shop to speak to one of our experts.

HMT’s Complete in House Service Make Rapid Project Turnaround Feasible

At HMT our knowledge and experience, coupled with the high levels of accuracy and quality in design, plastic injection moulding, tooling, production and assembly means our problem solving skills are finely honed. Our experience means a problem which is unfamiliar to others may well be one we have already encountered and can solve quickly and without fuss.

Here’s how HMT is able to provide a rapid project turnaround without affecting the high quality our customers demand.

1.Our state of the art 3d modelling software allows us to test and verify our designs in our software programme to a greater extent than before, this makes for less changes to the prototype tool before it goes into production, therefore saving time.

2.We can precision programme our machines to cut to within one thousandth of a millimeter accuracy. This means we can do more cutting on our faster CNC machines with less Spark Erosion cutting being necessary.

3.Our software allows us to cut a smoother finish saving on polishing time. On average a tool which would take 4 days polishing with a stone and various grades of paper abrasives now takes a maximum of one day using fine grit paper.

4.Having the latest in software technology means at HMT we are also able to automatically write the code to cut tools. The code allows a more precise cut, but at the same time the software makes the code shorter reducing cutting time.

5. The machines, themselves, cut about as fast as is currently possible.

6.It helps that we have finishing and repairing facilities under one roof, so if your tool breaks or malfunctions we can fix it here on site and have production up and running again in hours rather than days.

Once finished, we can deliver your goods in a few days, rather than a few weeks. After all, in global terms, we’re just round the corner. If you want to come and see us, no expensive plane tickets are involved and because we are in the same time zone liaison is easy. When we dispatch your goods we’ll be sending them by road so they will arrive on the delivery date given.

8.We can test the tools we are developing. Even if you are having the item manufactured elsewhere, we can produces and deliver prototypes so you can be sure the tool will deliver a product which maximizes on the strength and tolerance of the material.

9.We can take your work at any stage of the process, if you have a finished tool design we can accept over 40 different CAD file formats. If you have nothing more than an idea, we can make it happen for you, from design to completion. At HMT, on average, we can produce a tool and a short run of prototypes from scratch in 4 weeks (in some cases 1 week). That means your product can be in use sooner, earning for you faster, in almost half the average time of our competitors.

Being able to provide all your project requirements from design through to assembly make HMT the logical choice when looking for experience, quality and rapid project turnaround.