Injection Mould Tool

An injection mould tool in its simplest form is shown to the right, but there are hundreds of more advanced features that can be incorperated into the tool to create more complicated features on the plastic moulded component. Follow this link to see some explained.

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Cavity Plate
These are the plates that the actaul form of your desired plastic component is cut into. They can be made from Aluminium, p20 steel, fully hardened steel. Cavities can be cut directly into these plates or inserts containing your desired cavities are inserted into mild steel cavity plates. 

Backing plate
This plate provides support for the cavity plate. The force of the plstic being injected is so great it could bend the cavity plate between the risers without a backing plate.

The risers provide space for the ejecter plate to move backward and fowards.

Ejector Plate
The ejector pins, sleeves ect are attatched to this plate so when the plate moves foward and backwards so do the pins. These pins ect push the cooled Moulding off the Tool.

Clamp Plates
Provide a clamping location to fix each half of the tool to a presses Platterns.

Bush and Pillars
These ensure the exact location of each half when the tool is closed.