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CAD / CAM software uses CAD drawing tool to describe geometrics used by the CAM portion of the programme to define a tool path that will direct the motion of a machine tool to machine the exact shape that was drawn.

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Heres How CAD/CAM Software offers Many Advantages

At HMT our design process utilises the latest CAD (Computer Assisted Design) / CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) allowing us to rigorously test and verify designs before we even start to make your tools.

Most CAD/ CAM software was developed for product development and the design and the manufacture of components and moulds. CAD/CAM means that an engineer can use the system both for the designing a product and for controlling manufacturing processes. Once a design has been produced with the CAD component, the design itself can control the machines that construct the part.

CAD is a very accurate and robust design tool. It can compute solution to complex problems like stress analysis, shear analysis, thermal analysis and fluid flow analysis. It offers our design experts a way to study and evaluate a design to arrive at a close to perfect design.

CAM refers to the use of a computer system for the control of robotics and tools during the product manufacture. At HMT our CAM systems work with the CAD design in a 3D environment.

The compatibility of CAD / CAM systems offers many advantages:

  • programming accuracy
  • Geometric conformance to design parameters
  • Ability to make minor and major changes to part configuration
  • Analyse the design for damage, duplicate or missing surfaces
  • Interactively inspects draft angles
  • Visualise hard to mould regions such as thin walls, ribs and undercut areas

Overall this software shortens delivery time while improving quality.


  • 2 Seats of EdgeCam
  • 2 Seats Cimatron
  • AO Plotter, full colour

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