Say No To China

The UK can Offer You Everything You Need....

Why would you have you tools made abroad when you can have them made faster, with higher quality, and for less cost here in the UK?

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Injection Moulding

Why go Abroad for Tooling and Moulding when the Quality is Higher in the UK ?

HMT is a experienced tooling and injection moulding company. They have over 150 years of expertise. Based in the Town of Haverhill, Suffolk, on the border of Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire UK. HMT can provide a fast turn around giving FREE realistic design advice. We provide  quality Tooling, Prototypes, Tooling repair and maintenance, plastic injection moulding, production and assembly. You choose the service we provide the expertise.

Having Design, Tooling and Moulding under one roof ensures fast, efficient turn around, together with a high quality end product. With a thorough understanding, knowledge and the machine capability, HMT can ensure the mould tool is made precisely, to the design and will function smoothly throughout the tool’s injection moulding life. You will find it very hard to get this service in Asia, China or India. Providing a one stop in house service ensures you won’t be running round chasing problems that no one will take responsibility for.

Avoid the pitfalls of taking your tooling and moulding abroad. Choosing HMT means:

  • No communication problems
  • No time zone issues
  • No minimal production limitations
  • No overseas shipping costs
  • Open door policy. You can visit HMT at any time to see your job in production

Limited Budget

For customers with a limited budget we can utilise a universal bolster system. This means when you come to us for a tool, you will only be paying for the insert, not the bolster. Working closely with you, allows us to design and produce your tool and a product prototype with a small run of items starting from as little as £300. This makes choosing HMT a financially and geographically viable option.

This is why HMT stands out from the crowd and beats imports on price, quality and lead times.