Benefits of a prototype

We have all the equipment need to produce a finished tool but also rapid prototype tooing to produce quickly and accurate parts. Prototypes can be used for testing, marketing, sales, making patenting easier, help determine the final manufacturing process, help determine the right retail price, prior to the initial production run.

HMT will produce a fully functioning prototype, produced quickly and cost effectively by our highly experienced team of engineers utilising comprehensive CNC, rapid prototyping and assembly facilities as required.

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Here's How HMT Can Meet Your Prototyping Requirements

We have all the equipment and skill needed to produce not only prototype parts but production tooling as well. Prototype models can be delivered within 1-2 days, proto-type tooling in 2-7 days.

A protoype makes testing and evaluation quick, straight forward and consequentially, cost effective. Tools can be made from pre-hardened steel P20 or Aluminium.

Parts for prototyping can be kept cost effective by using our multi-bolster system. Using this system we only make the inserts, not the bolster. (See injection mould tool on home page). Basicly we own the bolster you own the inserts. These inserts fit into our specialy designed bolster saving the cost of reproducing the bolster. This gives a huge saving in time and costs. These inserts can be easily modified until the part or design is correct.

The best benifit of Proto-type tooling is the fact that parts are made in the correct materials and uses the same process as a final production tool. So the design can be evaluated correctly including part strength and material flow. If modification work is needed to the design the tools can be changed at minimal time and cost. Parts cost as little as £0.01 a huge saving against rapid prototypes (sla) models ect.

These inserts can produce a few parts or many thousands. Once these insert are made we can easily sample in different materials, giving a true part evaluation. Parts can be used for testing or initial part build, whilst the production tooling is manufactured (if required). The avarage cost of a part from these tools is £0.07, SLA models will cost approx £60 - £200 each!. We can easily conduct test runs to ensure the mould functions in the most practical, time and cost efficient manner allowing true costs to be supplied.

We also have a universal Hot Runner System and powerful flow analysis software which allows us to fine tune the Design and Production process to maintain accuracy at all times. This helps us to ensure that the resulting component is of the best possible quality. In this way, we can make you a finished component in the correct material to show to backers or potential customers in days rather than weeks.

Our customers find this better than having a (single) model made or stero-lithographic part, as many parts can be re-run at any time. Different materials can also be used to determine which is best.