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Our experienced engineers specialise in designing and producing precision machined tools from a variety of tool steels and aluminium alloys for use on our own in-house injection moulding machines, giving total control over the whole moulding process on one site.

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Here's Why Having the Very Best Tool Made is So Important

The choice of appropriate tool making materials and construction methods for each individual project allows us to offer customers a tool which is made to carefully balance design requirements and cost without compromising component quality. Whether it is a pre-production tool for 500 parts or a full production tool for millions, our flexibility in design and manufacture means we can reassure customers they are getting mould tools which will produce high quality parts, cost effectively, throughout the entire life of the product.

When manufacturing a diecast, injection, press or blow moulded product the most important part of that item is going to be the tool. By ensuring that the tool is made to the highest standard, the right design you can optimise production-ergonomics for best performance right down the line. A good tool will enable faster, more efficient production to tight tolerances.

Our tools are produced using the most recent state of the art machinery and with the latest CAD 3D design software we can programme them to cut tools to within 0.01 mm accuracy. This allows us to make intricate or complicated tools with relative ease. Most of the tools we make are either highly exact, requiring tolerances of less than 0.012mm or complex, involving sliding or rotating cores to enable a variety of components to be made from one basic toolkit. On average we can cut a tool in just under half the time it would take most of our competitors often with a higher degree of accuracy (some within a week).

There are a number of reasons for this:

First our 3D CAD tooling software allows us to position and visualise a design as a 3D model with each cut rendered individually. This allows our experienced engineers to set up the machining process with greater accuracy. All our milling machines are networked to our design software and by using an automatic code writing feature we are able to write complicated machining programmes as shorter code saving time in the cutting process – even though the machine will be cutting with far greater precision. We can also stipulate a far smoother finish using this system which saves on polishing and finishing time. On average a tool which would have to be polished out over a period of 4 days with a stone and paper abrasives takes a maximum of one day using fine grit paper.

Secondly, the machines, themselves, employ the latest technology and combined with our software the result in a faster, micron-accurate cut. High levels of accuracy are essential for so many of the tools or items we make that tolerances of less than 0.01 mm are almost standard.

Third, this high degree of accuracy in our tool making allows us to cut more of the tool in our CNC mills and machining centre than ever before. We then finish the cavity using 4 axis EDM to produce features such as sharp internal corners that cannot be finished with a milling cutter. The result, again, is a saving on production time.

We are able to machine hard metals as well as soft, so once we have created a proved and tested prototype for your tool we can make it for you, keeping the entire tool production process under one roof. This makes modifications or alterations easy to carry out and also allows us to repair damaged or malfunctioning tools in days rather than weeks. We can produce tools for multi-shot or single moulding and for items from 0.1 gramme to 2.5kg in size. We have injection moulding machines which can handle from 25 – 440 tonnes and we apply the same high standards to the items we manufacture as we do to the tools, used to produce them.

Our expertise, experience and full in house design, tool making, plastic injection mould services makes Haverhill Mould and Tooling the right option for your tooling requirements